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Please also read the License Register Details (PDF)

St Nicholas Hall – Terms of Hire (Revised December 2014)

1. Introduction

St Nicholas Hall (the Hall) is controlled by the Parochial Church Council of St Nicholas, Kenilworth (the PCC) which is prepared from time to time to hire out its Hall and rooms for various events or activities (Event or Events). Such Events must be compatible with the Ethos of the Anglican Church of England. The day to day running of the Hall is the responsibility of The St Nicholas Hall Management Committee, (the Management), which is appointed by the PCC.

The Hall has a Licence from Warwick District Council subject to a number of conditions (the Licence). In addition to compliance with these Terms of Hire, any corporate body or person that hires the Hall (the Hirer) will be assigned responsibility for compliance with the PCC’s obligations under the terms of the Licence insofar as they are under the control of the Hirer or people invited by the Hirer to participate in the Event. A copy of these conditions is displayed on the notice board in the entrance foyer at the foot of the stairs to the first floor and on the St Nicholas Hall website: – http://www.stnicholaskenilworth.org.uk/hall/

The Hall is available for hire at the following times

  • Monday to Saturday inclusive from 8.00am until 11.00pm
  • Sunday from 8.00am until 10.30pm
  • Use of the garden and patio must finish at 8.00pm and cooking equipment and barbecues must finish and be cleared away by 6.00pm on Monday to Sunday inclusive.
2. Terms of Hire

2.1 The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that the Licence conditions imposed by Warwick District Council, all statutory obligations and these Terms of Hire are complied with. The period and scope of responsibility includes any advertising of the Event or activity, the hire duration and for people entering and leaving the Hall. The Hall is situated in a residential area therefore due courtesy must be paid to the neighbours by the quiet orderly conduct of attendees and those involved when arriving, departing and during an Event. This consideration must be shown inside and outside and in the vicinity of the Hall.

2.2 In addition to the our schedule of charges for one-off Events the Management will require the Hirer to pay a sum of £100.00 by way of a bond against any damage to the Hall or breach of these Terms of Hire. Repayment of this bond will be made 14 days after the Event subject to the cost of any damage to the property or breach of these Terms of Hire. In cases where the Hirer is in fundamental breach of these Terms of Hire or causes damage to the Hall, the PCC reserves the right to recover additional reimbursement of costs or unliquidated damages from the Hirer. For party Events accompanied by music and alcoholic beverages a larger bond will be required which is described under clause 5 of these Terms of Hire.

2.3 The PCC and the Management reserves the right to refuse to accept a booking or to refuse admission to any person or persons at its absolute discretion. If in the opinion of the Management there has been a breach of the Licence conditions or the terms of hire then a hiring may be terminated immediately and without notice. The Hirer and all persons present will be required to vacate the Hall immediately and the PCC will not be liable to compensate the Hirer. Dogs are not allowed in the Hall unless they are a guide dog for the blind or part of a Dogs for Disabled scheme.

2.4 When booking the Hall less than 12 weeks in advance the full cost is due at the time of confirming the booking. When booking more than more than 12 weeks in advance of an Event a 50% non refundable deposit shall be paid covering the duration of the booking including any set up or clear up time and additional services to be provided by the Management on behalf of the PCC.

The balance shall be paid at least 12 weeks in advance of the Event. Bookings for regular sessions on a weekly or monthly basis may be booked either annually or quarterly, by arrangement.

Provisional bookings will be held for a maximum of 2 weeks by which time it should be confirmed otherwise the Management will cancel the booking.

If the booking is cancelled, any monies paid by way of deposit or in advance of the event will be forfeit.

2.5 For ‘regular use’ bookings, as opposed to one off bookings, a minimum of one month’s notice of termination of use is to be given by either side. The Management also reserves the right to cancel or change any hiring at any time if the Hall is required for any Church related activity or as a Polling Station for Election purposes. Whenever possible adequate notice will be given, however the PCC shall not incur any liability to the Hirer whatsoever other than for the return of any charge paid in respect of such cancelled hiring. The PCC will not allow any Events to take place between Maundy Thursday and Easter Day and only regular bookings will be allowable during the Monday to Wednesday of Holy week. A regular use Hirer must give at least 14 days notice where a booking is to be cancelled, failing which the standard charge will be incurred.

2.6 Whenever possible a volunteer helper will meet and greet the occasional Hirer at the beginning of the Event to ensure that everything that has been booked is understood. The Hirer will be responsible for setting up the room with whatever tables and chairs etc are to be used. Help with set up can be provided at an additional service charge.

After use, the Hirer shall leave the Hall in a clean and tidy condition. The Hirer must remove any rubbish, food or unwanted articles from the premises. Where the Hirer fails to comply with this condition, the Hirer will be responsible for cleaning costs at an additional charge. On vacating the premises the Hirer shall check that all doors and windows are closed and secured, including all fire and smoke stop doors and that the main doors are fastened.

Hirers will be responsible for any damage or loss/breakages caused to the Hall or the equipment supplied.

2.7 The Hirer shall take note of the information provided in the ‘Fire Safety’ leaflet supplied with the booking confirmation. Before the Event the Hirer should also make themselves known to the Management to ensure that they understand the Hall Health & Safety and Security systems, including Fire Precautions and Emergency Evacuation Procedures. The Hirer is responsible for communicating this information to their attendees. For some Events public announcements will be required.

2.8 The door entry security codes shall not be disclosed to any other person.

3. General Conditions

Hirers are responsible for ensuring that the Hall is appropriate for the intended use.

3.1 The hire of the Hall does not entitle the Hirer to use or enter the Hall at any time other than the specific hours for which it has been hired unless prior arrangements have been made with the Management.

3.2 The Hirer shall be responsible for ensuring good order is kept in the Hall during the hire period and on entering and leaving the Hall.

3.3 If the Hall or any part thereof is rendered unfit for the use for which it has been hired the PCC shall not be liable to the Hirer for any resulting loss or damage whatsoever.

3.4 The PCC cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage, injury or penalty incurred to any property belonging to others during the period of hire.

3.5 The Hirer shall indemnify the PCC in respect of the cost of repair or any damage done to any part of the Hall and contents including the curtilage thereof or property belonging to third parties during or as a result of the hiring.

3.6 The Hirer shall be responsible for making arrangements to insure their legal liability for Third Party claims and loss or damage to property arising during or as a consequence of the hiring. Hirers who use the Hall for commercial or business Events are required to produce written evidence of insurance covering the hire period. The Limit of Indemnity for Public Liability cover must be at least £5 million.

Private party organisers are advised to arrange insurance cover or check with their household insurer that third party liability extends to cover the Event.  Alternatively at the specific request of private hirers they may take advantage of insurance cover described below:

Indemnity to Private Hirers

Private Hirers by specific request to the Hall Management will be covered by our Public and Products Liability Insurance This is limited to any person hiring the Hall in connection with the organisation of a private social event on no more than three occasions in any one 12-month period commencing 24th March.

The most that our Insurer will pay under this extension inclusive of all damages, costs and expenses is:

1)    £2,000,000 in any one event;
2)    £2,000,000 in any one period of insurance for claims arising from products.  An period of insurance is one year commencing 24th March.

Our Insurer will not provide any indemnity in respect of the following

a) Liability incurred in respect of accidents away from the Hall;
b) Liability arising out of food and drink supplied at the event where such goods have been supplied by a professional caterer;
c) Liability arising out of the use of bouncy castles or other inflatables, fly walls, bungee equipment or any other similar activity equipment;
d) Liability arising from bonfires and fireworks;
e) Liability arising out of any organised sports activities;
f) Liability arising out of any other activity of a hazardous nature;
g) Liability assumed by agreement unless liability would have attached without such agreement;
h) Liability which is insured elsewhere under any other policy.

3.7 The Hirer shall, where the premises are to be used by children, comply with the Church’s Child Protection Policy (copy available on request) or with the Government’s guidelines set out in the document ‘Safe from Harm’. The Hirer shall be responsible for the safety of children in the Hall and ensure that they are kept safe from harm at all times during the hire period.

3.8 The consumption of alcohol on the premises is prohibited unless it has been agreed in writing by the Management prior to the Event and complies with these Terms of Hire. Only Approved Suppliers will be permitted to serve alcohol at the Hall. Clause 5 of these terms of Hire stipulates the conditions relating to Events when alcohol may be consumed on the premises.

3.9 Smoking in the Hall is not permitted. The sole area designated for smoking within the Hall curtilage is accessed from the fire door to the west of the building i.e. the external door on the left hand side when entering the main Clarendon Hall from the foyer. Hirers are to ensure that smoking is confined to this area. Cigarette disposal devices are to be used. No fireworks are allowed to be set off within the Hall curtilage.

3.10 No equipment shall be brought into the Hall unless it has been disclosed on the Hiring Application form and approved by the Management. All electrical equipment must have a valid PAT certificate.

3.11 Hirers must observe all Fire and Emergency Evacuation procedures and familiarise themselves with the location of all exits, emergency exits and fire extinguishers. No exits may be blocked, chairs or obstructions placed in corridors, or fire appliances removed or tampered with.

3.12 Details of any accident or incident occurring which could give rise to injury or illness must be reported to the Management. This must be done as soon as possible and in all cases within 24 hours. An Accident Book is provided for recording such details and also details of any witnesses, apparatus etc involved. Any apparatus or equipment involved must be retained for inspection. The Accident Book is located in the Kitchenette.

3.13 Storage and use of notice boards is at the sole discretion of the Management.

3.14 No advertisements, bills, flags, emblems or other decorations shall be displayed inside or outside the Hall without the previous written consent of the Management who have absolute discretion to withhold such consent. Bolts, nails, tacks or screws, drawing pins or other like object shall not be driven into any part of the Hall nor shall any placards or other articles be affixed thereto. Bluetack and other similar fixatives may not be used on the premises.

3.15 The PCC will not hire the Hall to anyone under the age of 25.

4. Warwick District Council Conditions & Statutory Obligations

The terms and conditions imposed by Warwick District Council Licensing Department on the PCC for the operation of the Hall and all prevailing statutory requirements govern the use of the Hall. These Terms of Hire assign responsibility to the Hirer for the observance of such matters which are under their control. Such matters include but are not limited to the following: –

1. Health and Safety and compliance with emergency evacuation procedures and routes;

2. Ensuring neighbours have the right to quiet enjoyment of their properties and are not disturbed by noise or unreasonable behavior especially during evenings and night time;

3. Compliance with Food Safety and General Food Hygiene Regulations. This responsibility passes to the catering provider when the Hirer retains the services of a PCC Approved Catering Provider.

5. Additional Terms of Hire for functions which include music and alcohol.

The following terms apply to all functions at which music is to be played after 7.30pm or alcohol is to be served and consumed at any time of day.

5.1 The following limitations are placed on alcohol consumption and playing music: –

Alcohol – Alcohol may only be consumed when served by PCC Approved Service Providers. On no account will Hirers or their guests be permitted to bring their own alcoholic drinks onto the premises.

No alcohol will be served after 10.30pm on Mondays to Saturday inclusive. A strict 30 minute “drinking up” period will apply.

No alcohol will be served after 10.00pm on Sundays. A strict 30 minute “drinking up” period will apply.

Music – use of discos will be limited to PCC approved disco operators or the Hall sound equipment.

Music must stop at 10.30pm on Mondays to Saturday inclusive and 10.00pm on a Sunday.

In order to avoid disturbance to neighbours live music will only be permitted if deemed suitable by Management. E.g. Folk music or small classical music groups.

Use of Garden & Patio must cease at 8.00pm

5.2 At the time of confirming a booking the Hirer will agree and complete a written check-list of arrangements with the Management. This will be reviewed and amended as necessary some two to three weeks before the Event. The purpose of this check-list is to ensure that all detailed arrangements for the Event are agreed and committed to writing and incorporated into the Hire Agreement.

5.3 In addition to the schedule of charges for these Events the Management will require the Hirer to pay a sum of £250.00 by way of a bond against any damage to the Hall or breach of these Terms of Hire. Repayment of this bond will be made 14 days after the Event subject to the cost of any damage to the property or breach of these Terms of Hire. In cases where the Hirer is in fundamental breach of these Terms of Hire or causes damage to the Hall, the PCC reserves the right to recover additional reimbursement of costs or unliquidated damages from the Hirer.

St Nicholas Hall | 28 High Street | Kenilworth | Warwickshire | CV8 1LZ