Want to get baptised?

We have an open policy on baptism for infants, young people and adults.

Baptism or Christening is a happy and special event, usually the first ‘formal’ event in a child’s life. We are pleased to be able to share it with you and hope it marks the beginning of a long and happy association with our church. It is a chance for all the family to get together, celebrate and thank God for the new life which he has given. It is a time when we remember that as well as being a member of a human family your child is part of God’s family too, the family of the church. It is sacrament, that means an outward sign of God’s love.

We’d like to meet you before baptism to go through some of the promises involved – as we take these seriously. We’d also love to see you at some of our gatherings such as Family Praise and Cafe Sunday. Here you will get to know other families with similar age children – you never know, you might make some great friends.

Adults and Young People
If you are an adult or young person and would like to know more about baptism, please get in touch with our vicar or youth leaders through one of the gatherings. Alternatively contact Rosie, our administrator, through the Contact page.

We love to celebrate when someone makes this public declaration of faith, so we’d be really excited to hear from you.

St Nicholas Kenilworth
St Nicholas Kenilworth

Want to get married?


St Nicholas Church is a beautiful building dating back to 1291. Originally part of Kenilworth Priory, the Church has had several Royal worshippers over the centuries most notably Queen Elizabeth I who, in July 1575, is said to have heard a ‘most fruitful sermon’ during her stay at Kenilworth Castle then held by Robert Dudley, the Queen’s favourite.

In order to make sure your plans run as smoothly as possible, please get in touch with us as soon as possible to discuss you wedding.

Marriage Preparation
After your initial meeting with our coordinator, you and all the other couples for your year will be invited to a marriage preparation day. This is organised by members of the church family and includes lunch. The focus of the day is on your marriage which is a lifetime rather than on your wedding which is forty minutes.

About three months before your wedding we will contact you to arrange a meeting with whoever is conducting the service. This time the focus is on your wedding, as we think about the meaning of the words you are going to say and go through the Order of Service. At your first appointment with one the of clergy you will have received a draft order of service to base yours on. If you need another copy please contact the Parish Office.

Around 10 days before the big occasion, there is a rehearsal for the couple, the best man, the bridesmaids and whoever is giving the bride away.

If you have questions about music, flowers, readings and special requests, please direct these to our administrator who will be able to give you all of our local contacts.

Visit us
Please do visit the church and any of our services to get to know us before your wedding. There are a number of gatherings you can choose from on our Sundays page. Let the welcome team know you are planning a wedding and we will be pleased to congratulate you!