Maybe you’re curious. Maybe you’ve just moved to Kenilworth.
Maybe you’ve seen, read or heard something recently and wanted to explore faith.

You might be young, older, married, single or just trying to work out where you fit.
Everyone is welcome. Everyone is loved at St Nicholas.

An open and welcoming community of people discovering new ways to love and serve Kenilworth, inspired by the life of Jesus bringing God’s hope and light to all.

Our Vision

Wherever you are from you are welcome.  Whether you are exploring God for the first time or if your faith has been built over the years we’d love to share your journey with you.


Our community at St Nicholas with St Barnabas has been worshipping God here for over 700 years.  Each day the example of Jesus inspires us to build on this foundation as we try to be more like him by loving and serving the people of Kenilworth.


As a church family we meet to worship together, valuing the diversity of each other’s traditions and learning new ways to encounter God through them.


We are open to God’s word and respect that he speaks to us in different ways.  We welcome each other’s questions and explore them together.  We don’t always get it right but are brought together by our common goal to become more like Christ.

Love & Serve

God inspires us to look outwards and find new ways to bring his love to our town.  Our building is open and all are welcome to come and meet, talk, sit, look or pray.  But we listen to God’s prompting to take us out to experience new ways to bring his hope and light to all.

St Nicholas with St Barnabas – Inspired by the life of Jesus

What to expect

As a diverse community we appreciate different ways of gathering to worship but essentially our heart to reflect God’s love is the same.

Take a look at the different styles of services we run here and see which suits you. We recommend you visit our Cafe Sunday gathering (4th Sunday in the Hall) to meet new people and find out what St Nicholas is all about. You’ll be warmly welcomed!


• I don’t have a faith. Can I come? 
We’re all on a journey! Nobody has it perfectly sorted out, even our Vicar! We believe that questions are great and help us move along the road – so please bring your questions!

• My children are noisy – can they come too? 
Absolutely! We’re a big family and your family is welcome to join ours. We recommend visiting our Cafe Sunday service where there is a baby area, crafts for kids and plenty of chance to chat to new people. You can also email us with questions via this page here.

• Where do I park? 
Use the Abbey Fields carpark – it’s free on a Sunday.

• What do I wear? 
Just come as you are!

• What about the collection? 
If you’re visiting or are still settling in, seriously let it pass by. No problem.



St Nicholas Kenilworth


St Nicholas Kenilworth


St Nicholas Kenilworth



If you’re exploring faith for the first time, or looking again, join us on the adventure. We’re all asking questions and finding answers in a community of people we call St Nick’s – or St Nicholas if you prefer!.