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Bell Ringers

Bellringing offers all of the following…

  • It costs nothing
  • Can be enjoyed all year round
  • Promotes mental and physical exercise
  • Can be enjoyed by those aged nine to ninety on equal terms
  • Provide a good social life and friendship throughout the country
  • Provides a service to the church

In Kenilworth we have a dedicated band of ringers of all ages and backgrounds who enjoy learning and continuing the 300 year old English tradition of change ringing. New ringers are always welcome to join the happy band!

In the sixteenth century church bells began to be fitted with a full wheel, allowing bells to be rung in continuously changing patterns called methods. There are around 5,200 churches in England with rings of 5 or more bells, compared to 370 in the rest of the world!

St Nicholas’ has six bells. The oldest was cast in 1656 and weighs 14 hundred weight or just over 700 kilograms. But anyone with strength to push a child on a swing, enough coordination to swim or ride a bike could become a very good ringer!

We are currently looking for new people to come and join us. So, why not find out more and give it a try? But beware, once you’ve got the bug you’ll find it hard to give up! If you would like to see ringing in action you are very welcome to come along to a Tuesday evening practice or before a Sunday service, but please contact us in advance so we know to expect you.