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Music Group Workshop

Calling all violinists, guitarists, flautists, clarinetists, recorder players, etc. in fact any instrumentalists, of any age! Have you got a neglected musical instrument tucked away?  Whatever standard, all players, past and present will be welcome to come along to the Clarendon Room in the Parochial Hall on Saturday 22nd April at 10.00 – 11.00am with their instruments. Margaret Siggers and Rosemary Spencer would love you to come and take part in a Music Workshop.  We are hoping to get together on a regular basis, possibly monthly.  It would be helpful if we know in advance that you are coming and which instrument you play.  Please contact Margaret, Tel: 01926 855036 / E-mail: mandpsiggers@yahoo.co.uk or Rosemary, Tel: 01926 856204 / E-mail: rosemaryspencer@ntlworld.com   If you are keen to come, but are unable to this time, just let us know and we’ll keep in touch.

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